Oct 23, 2008

Change '08

Last night I was having a political debate with my mother. She had been on my blog and saw the flyers I had made for two Obama '08 fundraisers. She gave a snarky remark in reference to them that gave me the urge to be a pain in the ass and make more Obama related artwork. So in waiting for my roommate to finish work today, I went ahead and made a simple Obama poster. In making I thought I would post my process, since I usually find it very fascinating when I see the process of other artists. Not that my poster is very fascinating.

First I found a picture that I thought fitting and I placed it in what I thought was a pleasing composition. Lowered the opacity a bit, and got it ready for tracing.

This tracing method is something I started doing about a year ago. I sometimes feel like I'm cheating, but I am a graphic designer after all. I feel what makes it unique is the line quality that I try and incorporate.

This is the finished line work.

Close up detail.

I then started looking through my collection of textures and backgrounds and began to experiment with different colors and textures. Finally setting on this sunburst and old paper feel.

I shaded Obama, in a way that I almost wanted him to look carved out of paper and stone. Applied texture to the shade layer aswell. You cant really tell here, but the line work was replaced with another texture.

Took me a few tries to find typography that I liked. I ended up choosing the same font I used for the Day of the Dead flyer I did the other day. (Which can be seen if you scroll down a bit.) I am still not 100% on it, but it seemed to fit.

Final Piece: After some color correcting and sillyness, this is the final piece.

I hope you enjoyed my post, and if you like the poster. It is available for High-Res download upon request.



anibal casso said...

I love it. and just for the record, I think the typography works very well.... It not only fits very well but also helps to reinforce the idea of change in my opinion.

Alexandra said...

I love it! And you know, oddly enough, I ran into your mother last night in Port Authority!

Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

your mom told me to tell you that you're grounded.
No TV for you on election day.

Also, to be fair, I think you should make a poster of McCain, expressing your views about it, etc.
I dare u.

Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

Isn't Sarah Palin your mom?

Ernesto said...

oh....it's on......your mama said what!? Man, I gotta visit.....