May 1, 2007

An Ugly Birthday

An Ugly Birthday 15"x17" Mixed Media on Craft Paper

Anyone who knows me knows that I constantly draw these little characters that I have lovingly dubbed "Uglies." They are these little creatures that have strange deformities, arms for legs or something unusual going on with them. In this case it is an overweight Ugly. A big fat head on a big orb of a body, the eyes hidden under huge bulging brows, and a huge nose accompanied by wrinkly mouth and chin area. Not so sure what possessed me to draw this particular species of Ugly, I'd say it was a mistake that I elaborated upon.

This particular piece I have created as a birthday present to my brother who turns 17 on Saturday. Both him and I have a great interested in street art and graffiti, so I themed this one using a drippy effect with spray paint.

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

I like it. The "Uglies" are definitely your trademark :-D